Player movement: Arrow keys or W-A-S-D

Aiming:  Put your mouse cursor where you want to aim

Shooting: Left mouse button

Top-down shooter that evolves into a  bullet-hell style game. Make pacts with the devil for better gear. Defend your self from waves of aliens by shooting them down while avoiding their bullets. 

The devil has gone down to Georgia and he brought some alien friends with him. Make bets with the devil. In exchange  for your soul the devil will offer you better gear to fight off the aliens. Are you willing to wager  your soul for a leg up? 

There are rewards available as you play that will increase your movement speed, armor, fire rate, among other things.

This game was built as an entry into Ludum Dare 44 Game Jam - Compo. It was built in under 48 hours with all code, art, sound, and music created in that time-frame.

This game was built with Godot 3.1. You can find the source code for the game here:

The Ludum Dare 44 entry is here:


Download 22 MB
Download 24 MB
Download 25 MB

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